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Worship. What does it mean? October 20, 2008

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Have you ever been to a worship service? What happens while you are there? Singing. Praying. Teaching. Reading the Bible. Fellowship. All of these things are part of a worship service because they are all forms of worship!

Worship is SO much more than singing. Here at Rocky Peak, we like to say that worship is anything you do that makes God smile. This is a definition that a child can grasp, and then do! Worship is a lifestyle, and our goal is to train our children to live a life of worship.

Our mission is: To lead and teach quality, consistent, age-appropriate and biblical worship, geared toward strengthening children’s relationship with God and their understanding of His greatness. 

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Every volunteer in the room should be assisting in this process by participating in worship fully and completely. The children will never go past you, your actions give them permission to go to where you are! In other words, if you come in expecting to watch; they’ll come in expecting to watch!


Practical applications:

  • As you lead each weekend, focus on making God smile
  • Think, “Is what I’m doing engaging or enhancing this experience for the children?”
  • While you are not performing, you are modeling a behavior that can only be born out of authenticity
  • As a leader, it’s important to not have your eyes closed the whole time, make eye contact and use the kids names
  • Preparation is important
  • Being “up front” shouldn’t be your only “worship” time

So, what if the children don’t participate? Don’t worry or be discouraged if some of the kids stand there with their arms crossed. Kids are sponges and just because they aren’t participating the way you would like them to, doesn’t mean they aren’t engaged! You are the vessel and God is the deliverer. If you keep yourself open for God to use you, He’ll do the work!  :-)



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